The first harvest!

Our first harvest of the season

Our first harvest of the season

Here it is.  Our first harvest of the season.  It’s a gorgeous zucchini that grew incredibly quickly.  I first noticed it four days ago, and it was ready to pick yesterday evening.  It became part of a delightful quinoa salad, and needless to say, we were pretty excited by our gardening success.

The latter half of June was a total wash out–it rained more or less constantly for two weeks–so I’m thrilled to see anything emerge from our sodden garden.  So far, July has been hot and humid, so things are starting to grow again.

I can’t wait to see what we’re eating next.  I’m thinking it will be a tomato.  We’ve got one that is just starting the slow turn from green to red.  But considering the speed with which this zucchini went from barely-there to ready-to-eat, maybe we’ll be eating more of these little beauties before long.

Speaking of zucchini, the French call them courgettes.  So do the Brits.  I think we Americans should do the same.  It’s such a nice word.  Much like aubergine, the fancy name for the poorly titled eggplant.  I think I’ll start a courgette movement.  Although, given the size of my courgette plants and the promise of a bountiful harvest, by the end of the summer we may never want to see another one ever again, by any name.

Happy gardening!


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